About Khy

Born out of the desire to create luxury perfumes affordable for everyone, The Fragrance Bar is a one stop fragrance shop that believes each one of our scents deliver an evocative experience. Hand poured in Louisiana, by way of our founder: Qwoneshau (Khy) Hughes, each fragrance is crafted using skin-safe ingredients that do good while making you feel good.

Hughes’ relationship with the world of fragrance has existed longer than she can remember, with a distinct memory of only being able to afford one designer brand of perfume per year. Little did she know, her personal journey would lead to solving a common problem within the fragrance industry -- one that revolves around the idea that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on scents.

Here at The Fragrance Bar we believe that scent is a powerful memory trigger, which is why making the most of your fragrance is a priority for our brand. And we continue to live up to that standard daily by crafting alcohol-free formulas made to stick to any wearer for longer periods of time.

So prepare to indulge, experiment and layer. Trust us, there is no wrong way. Allow our fragrance oils to bloom then settle for a transformative experience that helps you love the skin you’re in even more -- minus the expensive price tag.