We create oil blends inspired by designer brand fragrances in order to bring affordable alternatives to our customer’s favorite high-end perfumes. The products mentioned throughout our site are a mere guide and we are in no way affiliated with the mentioned brands.

We care both about your health and the health of the environment. Our formulas are not tested on furry friends -- ever. We also firmly believe in offering products that contain no animal-derived ingredients.

This depends mostly on your usage habits. On average, our 10 mL roller bottle will last about one month when applied daily. But we don’t judge if you’re tempted to apply more than once a day!

Many people have negative reactions to unnecessary additives and stabilizers, which is why we specifically use oil-based formulas that are alcohol free and have proven to be unproblematic.

From a health perspective, fragrance oils will never go bad. When stored in a dry, cool place, your fragrance oil will last 2 years before maturing, at which point you might want to replace your roller bottle.

We recommend applying your fragrance oil on pulse points and warm areas (inside of wrists, neck, chest area, calves, etc.). For more tips and tricks on application methods, visit our Blog page.