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This stuff is amazing

I bought 8 of the rollie's so far I've tried the enchanted pussy my boyfriend loved it.. and I love addicted going for just good vibes already know I have to buy the spray so my clothes just as good as I do.. and as I found out don't be impatient it's is worth the wait

Great Purchase

This one of the best purchases I’ve made this year. I ordered 6 scents and I have enjoyed every one of them.

Wild thoughts is the best long lasting for me!

Wild thoughts last long, and the scent gets more intense as your body temp get hot in the sun ☀️
I love it !!!!
Can’t wait till they make a perfume out of it cause I’m getting 5 of them along with the oil’s cause I use soo much lol


This product is amazing!! These scents last all day! I get so many compliments! You cant beat the quality or price! Im in!! I will not buy perfume from anywhere else!

Love it!

That Enchanted P*ssy will have mfs following you around 😂 love it! So many compliments

Love everything

I have ordered 3 times now and still impressed with the quality and how quickly i recieve my order. Never really wore fragrances before but now i wear somwthing everyday and love the compliments.

Absolutely Amazing

Every scent that I have purchased…..including the limited editions collection….are amazing. Just patiently waiting on that enchanted perfume to be back in stock so I can order a few

My Go To

On my 4th bottle of the Enchanted Pussy roll on oil. I get so many compliments & people tell me all the time that I smell so good🤍

Love, Lovely, Love them!

This is My 1st time ordering from fragrance bar and I have absolutely no regrets! I love the Enchanted P. I got the bundle and all the fragrances are wonderful! Try them!

It's the all natural 4 me

Being a breast cancer Overcomer, natural products are a must 4 me, + reasonably priced+ smells good (all of them), only missing a few of limited edition in my collection but that will change shortly.
Thank God for giving the owner the vision & that she followed thru ♡♡♡

turning heads

I get stopped everywhere saying I smell so good what am I wearing. When i tell them its an oil from the Fragrance Bar they are shocked it isnt a perfume.

I love it!

I love the majority of the fragrances but woo let me tell you, those limited editions are to die for. The only thing I don't like is that I am a loyal customer of theirs I have all their scents but they do not give me any great discounts or deals for being a loyal customer. I have every scent that was created by this company I should get a greater discount than 10%

sweetest tabooooo!!!!

i’ve order from this site many times love their oils but out of all of them sweetest taboo is my new fav it smells so amazing throw it in your cart you won’t regret it and i love their other new scent paradise as well ikw it’s says it’s a limited collection but i hope they change their mind and keep selling these two

They are awesome I’m really loving the scents. All of the ones I purchased are amazing. Thanks!!

Loving The Fragrance Bar!

I have placed two orders with The Fragrance Bar so far, and both experiences have been great! I received my packages in a timely fashion. And, the fragrances have lived up to the reviews that I read before purchasing. I definitely look to buy from The Fragrance Bar in the future. I get many compliments on the Delicate Fragrance. I hope they do not ever get rid of it.

Out of space

Out of space has to be my favorite so far. The scent I can't get enough of. It's sweet sexy and a but mysterious. I hight recommend this one above all. 😍❤️😍

Only fragrance I use

I love your fragrances and even bought some for my neice in college. I don't even wear body spray anymore. My favorites are enchanted Pussy and butt naked. Now gotta figure out what to do with all those body sprays.

The Fragrance Bar LLC
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Great each time

Very happy with my purchase, again❤️❤️❤️❤️The Pussy was definitely Enchanted!

If you wondering… read this

Listen I just placed another 1045pm order. I have all 12 oils and just order 3 more limited editions to add to my collection for a total of all 15 body oils(so far); I say that to say this…. EVERY SINGLE OIL, I get complimented on. Every single aroma matches my pheromones to the “Tee” I CANT WAIT FOR MY NEW ORDER TO ARRIVE! I’m very happy with ALL of my purchases and peep in from time to time when the text messages come through, simply because I’m a lush for smelling wonderful and the fragrance bar hasn’t failed me yet. I will keep supporting as long as you keep producing!!! Thank you for the amazing scents. Be back soon!

1st Time Trying

Got my 3 trial scents and I ABSOLUTELY love the Butt Naked scent! This is my favorite of the 3!! It smells amazing!!! I can't wait to get the full size bottle!! Looking forward to trying more as well!

Worthy purchase

I enjoyed every purchase I’ve received I would most definitely recommend


I started off with the top seller’s bundle after asking a friend what she was wearing. I had to have it!!! I’m now the proud owner of every scent they offer!! I loved that I could stick it in my pocket and reapply when I needed but you honestly don’t have to reapply these scents! They last all day and night and I get so many compliments! I can’t say enough about this brand except if you don’t have any you are missing out and better order some now!!!!


Received my Fragrances. Got so many compliments. It's a secret. I'm not telling. Will definitely recommend.

Nice products

Love the way these last and get more intense when you're sweating!


These are the best ever. I still need to go back for the ones I don't have already