6 hacks that will get you the most out of your fragrance oils

We’ve all been at a place where our perfume lasts till the point we exit our homes and it could get really irritating. So here we are to help you make the best out of your fragrance.

Fragrance oils are criminally understated in the beauty world. There's nothing like the sweet scent to make anybody feel like their confident self.

These under-appreciated scents come in really handy when you need to spice up your look when you are running late.


So here we present to you 6 hacks that will help you to make it last all day long:


  1. Target pulse point and warm areas

    Fragrances are released more effectively when applied to warmer areas. Pulse points are the areas that are closer to the surface of the skin and hence warmer.

Some of the best pulse points to apply fragrance oils on are: inside of your wrists, neck and chest area, inside of your elbows, ankles, and calves.


  1. Don’t store scents in the bathroom

    Heat, light and humidity breaks down the perfume and lessens the quality and intensity of the fragrance pretty quickly. Instead, store your bottle in a cool, dry place. How about a pretty tray or the decorative box on your dresser?


  1. Moisturizer all the way! Well-Hydrated skin holds on to fragrance better

Always use an unscented lotion and moisturizer on your skin before applying the oil to enhance longevity.


  1. Apply Fragrance right after the shower

Use the product right after the shower to help preserve the scent. The shower helps open up your skin pores and helps the fragrance to linger around longer.


  1. Put a few drops of your favorite fragrance on your clothes

Put a thin line of fragrance oil in your dresser and wardrobe so that they smell exactly like the fragrance you'd like to be associated with.


  1. Don't rub your wrists together 

Rubbing your wrists after applying a fragrance doesn't help at all. Moreover, it can remove the top notes of your fragrance oil and fade away faster.

So, simply let the oil sit and do its magic.


We all want our fragrance to last long, after all, who doesn’t like to smell amazing all the time. So we hope these hacks make you garner some more compliments even by the afternoon!