The Onset of Perfumes

The quality of a perfume is judged by the amount of time it’s fragrance lasts. But the thought process thatgood quality perfumes last longer on our skin and cheap ones evaporate very quickly is untrue.

Let’s explore the real reasons some fragrances last longer than others:

  1. Nature of Fragrance:Some fragrances like the citrus blends are made with very volatile essential oils. So, when we build citrus blends we mix them up with some notes of cedar, lavender. But they still won’t last long. Oriental fragrance lies on the other side of the spectrum which linger over you even after a shower. The reason behind this are the heavy molecules like sandalwood and vanilla. And then there are the rest of the fragrances that lie right at the center of this spectrum. 

  2. Natural vs Aroma Molecules: The media has made us believe that everything from nature is better and more durable which is not the truth. The real truth is that if a fragrance contains only natural ingredients, it won’t last long. Aroma molecules give the perfume the power of sillage and Lasting power.

  3. Skin and Diet: A fragrance will last longer if applied on a well hydrated skin. This is the reason why using a fragrant body lotion before applying a matching perfume is recommended. The layers of different scents will lead to a longer lasting effect.
    Your diet also plays a huge role in determining how long the scent will stay on your skin. Depending on what you consume, your skin diffuses it’s own fragrance that will compete and try to overlap the perfume you have used. Even the medication you are taking can interfere with the duration of scent.

Finally, be mindful of the amount of fragrance you use. Many people would reapply fragrance because they can’t smell it on them anymore. Actually, this often happens when your fragrance is a perfect match for you and you can’t feel it anymore.